Let go and enjoy the freedom picOFFICEOLOGY provides business support services that lighten your workload, free your time to focus on revenue generating activities, decrease your operating costs, and give your life balance.

Is your company Virtual only?

Services are provided both on-site and virtually, it’s up to you.  Hire us for two hours a week, two hours a day, short term, long term, or occasionally.

What type of business would benefit from this type of service?

Our services are sought after by small business owners and professionals such as contractors, retail businesses, executives, attorneys, authors, coaches, speakers, real estate agents etc.

How can Officeology help me?

We take on the tasks that tie up your time and prevent you from focusing on growing your business, advancing your career, spending time with loved ones, pursuing personal interests, etc.  We utilize the latest technology to provide professional, efficient support with fast turnaround.

You charge an hourly fee, is it possible to pay a flat fee per project instead?  

Of course, we’re here for you, you’re the customer and our job is to accommodate you.  You can request a quote by summiting your project requirements.

Is there a minimum hours of work required?

No, you can hire us for two hours a week, two hours a day, short term, long term, or occasionally, with no minimum hours required.

How about confidentiality, is my information safe? 

OFFICEOLOGY acquires personal  and /or business information  for  the  purpose of preparing proposals and/or performing assigned business support services.  We understand that client matters and information should be treated with the utmost of confidentiality and respect.  We have a written confidentiality agreement with each customer and accordingly we have implemented a Privacy Policy to protect and govern the use of that information.   (Click here to read our Privacy Policy <<UNDER CONTRUCTION)

What is a Virtual Assistant? 

A Virtual Assistant is a entrapeur or contractor who works for businesses over the internet. Depending on the needs of the client, a VA works “on call”, or on an agreed upon schedule. But in all cases, a virtual Assistant is “virtual”, working off–site for clients who may be in the same community, another state, province or continent. Communications are done via e-mail, phone, fax, or online instant messaging. You and your VA may even coordinate via online intranets or have access to each others computer through a software connection. Virtual Assistants provide support to their clients without having to ever step foot inside the client’s office. The virtual assistant takes the role of the temp and elevates it to the status of entrepreneur. When you hire a virtual assistant you get all the benefits of outsourcing coupled with the loyalty and steadiness of a company employee.